Friday, October 24, 2008

A day in the nursery

This is Sean in the nursery. Dylan (10 months old) and Sean are playing with each other.

They were both tired and fightin' sleep. They would cry back and forth to each other. It was cute! It was Sean's turn to cry in this picture!!

Sean is a rollin' over on his belly fool!! He does it all the time now. Now he tries to roll back over on his back. That's what he's doing here.

Danny was playing some baby music for Sean on the computer.

And on the computer, while it's playing music, it makes colorful patterns on the screen.

Sean was mesmerized by all the pretty colors! He couldn't take his eyes off the screen.

Now it's time for Sean to figure this thing out. He's going to show daddy how it's done!

Guess what daddy's been teaching his son?!

Oh boy!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A week of vacation...aaahhhh how nice!

The Hendrick family had a wonderful week of vacation! We first started out going to Danny's parents' cabin in Lead Hill. We spent the night there. Here we are on the swing.
We walked down to the cove.

I like this picture. I think we'll have this one blown up.
Are you proud of me, Robin? I used the wrap!

The inside of the cabin.

The outside

This is the outside shower.

Wanted to show you all how steep the ladder was. I hate ladders by the way!! So I always took my sweet time going up and down it.

We dropped the dogs off at Danny's parents' house for 3 days while we were at the cabin and at Turkey Trot (you'll see later on in the blog).
Sean likes dogs!! He always cracks up laughing looking at one!

I have an announcement everyone!! Sean rolled onto his belly last Saturday at grandma and grandpa Stain's house!! He could roll onto both of his sides at 11 weeks. Now at 22 weeks he's rollin' on his belly!! Soon, he'll be crawling! My boy is getting soooo big!!

Here we are parking at Turkey Trot.
Here is Brad Gillilland with his church float in the parade.
Here is Victory Independent Baptist Church float in the parade. They, once again, won 1rst place.

Sean's first Turkey Trot!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sean is now 5 months old! He is becoming sweeter and cuter by the second!

Here he is feeding himself...well ok maybe not feeding himself....he is stealing the spoon from me as I was feeding him and he thought it was hilarious!!

We went to Amber's baby shower on the 4th. It was fun! Amber received a lot of gifts for things for sure, Ashlyn ain't goin' without!!

Sean has muscles!! This first pic is a boxing stance, he has his hands up!
Now he's flexing and showing off the muscles!